Horse racing movies often have a thrilling storyline. Some movies are based on true stories, while others are fictional, and they all have a big win at the end. The experience of watching horse racing movies is so real that you need to know the greatest films ever. Discussed below are the five best horse racing movies you can watch.


Seabiscuit is an American sports film released in 2003. This movie features a rider, Red, whose family’s financial stability was ruined by the Great Depression. No one believed in Red’s horse racing ability and his underdog horse, and his family left him and his trainer alone. Red becomes a jockey and to earn extra money, he fought in illegal boxing. Red managed to win in a race which changed his life and gave hope to many people suffering in the Great Depression. This movie was a hit, and up to date, it is the number one preference for many people who love horse racing movies.

50 to 1

The 50 to 1 movie was released in 2014, featuring a horse racing storyline based on the true tale of a thoroughbred underdog horse. The horse, Mine That Bird, and the cowboys faced a lot of challenges, but they eventually managed to compete in the Kentucky Derby finals. Since this horse was considered an underdog, many people placed bets against it. Surprisingly, Mine That Bird managed to win the 2009 Kentucky Derby race pulling off the 50-to-1 odds.

Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a horse racing movie which features a gambler, played by Richard Dreyfuss who is ready to bet big in a particular racing competition. While the protagonist’s fortune is so improbable in real life, Let It Ride still brings out the best of horse racing bets, the thrill, and the excitement. Since the release of this movie in 1989, it has left a mark on the betting experiences in horse racing. Richard Dreyfuss believed in good fortune on his lucky day, and he risked a lot on a single bet which he eventually won. Let It Ride had a significant impact on horse racing bets, and today, it is still most peoples favourite movie.


Released in 2010, Secretariat remains a thrilling racing movie to date. It features a female horse racer, Penny Chenery, who decided to participate in this male-dominated activity. She owned an underdog Thoroughbred horse, Secretariat and decided to use him for horse racing. Although she did not have horse racing experience, she was coached by her trainer Lucien Laurin and was ready for competition. Chenery participated in horse racing competitions and won the Triple Crown in 1973. Her journey is so inspiring in real life, and many horse racing movies lovers still prefer this film, due to its emotional and thrilling nature.

National Velvet

National Velvet is a Technicolor film released in 1944 in America. This film features a 12-year-old Elizabeth Taylor who plays as Velvet Brown, who wins a gelding horse in a raffle and names him The Pie. She decides to use her horse in the Grand National despite The Pie’s stubborn nature. Brown hired a jockey who was trained by Mi Taylor (Mickey Rooney) and was to compete in the steeplechase. The night before the competition, Brown realized her jockey had no faith in winning the game, and she released him. Brown decides to ride The Pie during the race, despite her inexperience with horse racing, and surprisingly she wins the Grand National steeplechase competition.

Horse racing movies have been great in the past century. The action should be real and give the viewer a thrilling and hair raising experience. Horse racing movies always have an inspiring storyline providing hope to those almost giving up.