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Screening Wed 7th to Wed 14th Oct

Session times updated every Monday

Rated MA
Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton movie image

Four Screenings Only!!
Wed 7th
Fri 9th 7.00pm
Sat 10th 3.00pm
Sun 11th 3.00pm
Wed 14th 12.15pm – final

Rated M
A Walk In The Woods

A-Walk-In-The-Woods movie image

Ends Wed 21st Oct
Wed 7th
Fri 9th 7.15pm
Sat 10th 3.15pm
Sun 11th 3.15pm
Wed 14th 10.30am

Rated PG

Pan movie image shows Levi Miller as Pan lying on his back with spears pointed at him

Ends Wed 14th Oct
Wed 7th 10.30am
Fri 9th 5.15pm
Sat 10th 1.15pm
Sun 11th 1.15pm
Wed 14th 12.30pm

Rated G

Oddball movie image shows a fluffy white dog nose to nose with a fairy penguin

Ends Wed 14th Oct
Wed 7th 12.15pm
Fri 9th 5.00pm
Sat 10th 1.00pm
Sun 11th 1.00pm
Wed 14th 10.15am